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Engineering Maintenance: Components

Components are the heart of a home theater or multimedia entertainment system. Unfortunately, even the best quality products have a limited lifespan. Proper engineering maintenance of your multimedia center components will improve performance and extend the working life of your system. Regular cleaning and adequate ventilation enhance the benefits of engineering maintenance.

Engineering Maintenance: Wiring and Connections

Faulty wiring and connections will directly impact the performance of a home theater system. Routine engineering maintenance checks the integrity of the wiring for shorts. We check for damaged shielding, which will admit electronic “noise” into your multimedia center system. Our engineering maintenance team also monitors the connection quality of input/output jacks.

Engineering Maintenance: Upgrades

Our Vision Quest engineering maintenance service can upgrade your system with new components or software. Swap out out-dated circuit boards for new boards with expanded capabilities. Download more efficient software for digital components. Replace cable with wireless networking. Engineering maintenance services from Vision Quest keep your multimedia center PC at the cutting edge.

Engineering Maintenance: Control Systems

For larger home theater systems, the control board is the center of the action. All of the components, from lights to amplifiers to the big screen are tied through one board. Engineering maintenance services keep the control system in top form.

Engineering Maintenance: Calibration

Your home theater system comes with factory preset parameters. These parameters are ideal for the “average” home theater environment. However, the “average” home theater environment doesn’t exist.

Engineering maintenance services from Vision Quest set the parameters of your system to your environment for optimum performance. Added new components to your multimedia center? Have an engineering maintenance specialist calibrate the component to play well with the rest of your system.

If you need engineering maintenance service for audio visual systems, call Vision Quest. We have 15 years and counting of hands-on experience with home theater systems. 
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